Nov 27, 2008


I love Thanksgiving! Everything is about perspective in life and this day is such a wonderful reminder to look on the positive side and even if you're in the toughest of places, to dig deep and find something to be thankful for.

I don't have to dig deep, here are some of my list toppers of what I'm thankful for!
  • All of my family, not a cliche, truly.
  • Knowing Jesus as my Savior. Also, not a cliche, I need Him every day!
  • A really a wonderful pregnancy overall and still feeling great at 39 weeks!
  • Having these few last precious days to savor with just my husband and I.
  • Superb friends.
  • Land in the country. (I'll be honest, there are days I have to work to be thankful for the home that sits on that land, but I AM thankful for a home!)
  • The extreme priviledge of working today and getting to spend the Holiday with a group of amazing individuals and the moment where I was asked to say Grace at the dinner table and had the opportunity to Thank the Lord and praise Him while holding hands with all the folks I work with!

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Cheryl said...

Amen! A wonderful list. And I enjoyed spending time with you and each of my "kids" on Thanksgiving, too!