Nov 6, 2008


I'm choosing to look at this fun little incident as God lovingly preparing me for parenthood.

I'm filling in for another staff member, doing a 3day 2night live in shift. It's not SUPPOSED to be awake overnight...but you always end up awake, overnight and then have to work a 16 hour day the next day. This night was particularly fun.

(Picture this: I'm 36 weeks pregnant, just worked a 12 hour day, have a 16 hour day ahead of me, I'm exhausted, hormonal, emotional and feeling a little nauseous again most nights.) I received a phone call in the late evening. It was a client... calling from their cell phone from their bedroom upstairs... to let me know that they had yacked... and it was all over the bathroom because they missed the toilet! Awesome! Clean up #1 ensued, I don't think I'll ever eat chicken pot pie again. I checked on the client and they were asleep.

I prayed fervently that there would not be a repeat performance. Later on, said client came downstairs just as chipper as ever stating they felt better. "Praise the LORD!" I thought! And then later, just as chipperly came down and informed me they had again tossed their cookies but this time had not made it to the bathroom.

It was all over the pillowcase, sheets, matress pad and floor. But to make it even worse, this client had also put their comforter on top of the pile of puke on the floor so that they would not slip on it when they got out of bed to come tell me. "Why the HECK didn't you use the cell phone again!?" Clean up #2 ensued. I will definitely never eat chicken pot pie again. And then laundry ensued, and ensued and ensued.

Not even gonna lie. Didn't think I was gonna make it. Only got 4 hours of sleep. Called Jason and cried a little. But I made it. I'm at the end of my 16 hour day and I get to go home at 3pm tomorrow (Which is 4 hours early thanks to pukey and my extra hours during the night!)

I just had to share!


Angie Cousins said...

Cleaning up puke is NEVER fun- but to encourage you- it will be much easier when it's your child that's sick. Somehow it's not so bad- even when they projectile vomit right on you! Glad God did that little something in our hearts to make us love our children through everything! So, to me you experience sounded much worse!:(

Cheryl said...

Oh, sweetie, I'm so sorry to hear that your night was a nightmare. Yuck. But, yep, you're absolutely right... that is great practice for parenthood. Yeah, sometimes it is exactly like that. :-)

shannon said...

you poor thing--we just love our clients don't we? :)