Nov 1, 2008

Baby Shower #2

My friends put on another baby shower for me at my home church on the 25th. It was just wonderful. It meant so much to me that they did that and that all those people came out.

(I have a little confession to make; my control freak side got the best of me before the shower. You see, we still had a lot of the “essentials” that we needed and I was afraid we were going to end up having to buy them all, which we can’t afford really. So to circumvent this, I went on both of my registries and deleted ALL items that were not essential. I figured, if people wanted to buy off the registry they wouldn’t mind buying the essentials and if they didn’t want to buy off the registry it wouldn’t affect them anyway. Well, my strategy worked and we now have many adorable, wonderful things, and all the essentials too!)

We also had some gift cards, so the next day we went out and bought the rest of what we needed. Consequently, we are completely prepared! We have everything we need. The nursery is all set up. And every single thing is washed, dried, folded and organized. At 35 weeks that feels really good!

Now we just have some other loose ends to tie up. Oh, you know, stuff like put the baby on my health insurance, finalize a will, and solidify with a pediatrician. No biggies or anything!


Cheryl said...

It was fun to be at your shower with all the wonderful women from church. I love the baby belly photo of you and Esther!

Baby Shower said...

How great is to have so such great friends. Did you play any baby shower games at your baby shower? I just love playing baby shower games. I'm sure clad you are so on top of things. I remember back to my first pregnancy and I was just lost in the fog.