Nov 10, 2008

Father Son Bonding... hick-ville Maine. I just had to share with you the scene that I witnessed this morning driving to my Doctors appointment. Kids have school off this Monday and Tuesday. And one father on my road was apparently taking an opportunity to have some quality time with his son.

The child was an adorable little blond haired boy, I'd say 4 years old, definitely no more than five. And he was sporting a little five year old sized rifle (Who knew they may those?) The father was standing right beside him, coaching him in the proper technique. The little tyke looked like he had great form (Ya know, he's probably been practicing for a few years by this ripe old age!) and he was aiming right at his target - an Obama/Biden sign on someones front lawn! Priceless family moments in Etna.

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Cheryl said...

That IS priceless! I'd like to join them. hee hee