Nov 24, 2008

Baby Belly

WARNING: Bare Belly pictures ahead! If you don’t want to see my bare belly you should probably click away!

You’d never guess it if I didn’t tell you who took these...Jason! You see, I wanted some really pretty and artistic belly pics but didn’t really want to pay a professional and unfortunately I can’t take them myself. So I did the next best thing...I set up all the lighting and back drops and coached Jason on how to take pictures, telling him to get unique angles and fill the whole view finder with his subject etc etc. He used a digital so I would check them and give him more pointers and so on. Anyway, it took a while but he was very willing and very patient and I think he made quite a good photographer!

I figure if these came out this good with me just directing then I could do some pretty awesome ones with my manual camera that I can adjust the light and focus much more accurately. So, when all my friends get pregnant I’m making them let me take their belly pictures. Yup, even you Steph!

So here are some of my faves:


Cheryl said...

These photos are so beautiful! Maybe a little too revealing for a public blog? :-) But definitely beautiful.

Cheryl said...

P.S. I had to say that, you know, being your mother! :-)

meaningfulalbums said...

Very nice Sarah! I am very impressed (and a little jealous - it's too late for me to utilize your fabulous photography skills for my pregnancy!)

Anyway, hope you're feeling great!!!

Shannon said...

I love these--really wish I'd done this---I'll sign up to have you do it for me next time (yes, i want to do it again!) :)