Oct 1, 2007

Braggin' Rights

Yup, I'm gonna take some time to brag right now. Not about me...but about my husband.
A few weeks ago he asked me what the odds were that I could be in Bangor every Wednesday night by 7:30pm. I told him I could do my best to schedule sessions around that and inquired as to why. "Because," he said, "there is a ballroom dancing class at that time every wednesday and I wanted to know if you wanted to go with me to it." I'm pretty sure my jaw hit the floor and then my legs gave way and I fainted. It's all a blur.

You see, I've wanted to take dancing lessons with Jason from the time were were engaged, which is almost 5 years ago now, but I haven't mentioned in the last few years because he has always FLAT out refused. Now, don't hold it against him. He legitimately HATES dancing. He has no rythm... and I'm not just saying that. This is the man who cannot sing and clap at the same time. (So if you ever see him not clapping along to a worship song in church, it's not because he's not enthusiastic, it's because he'd rather sing the words and he physically cannot do both.) So now you get a small glimpse of what a huge deal this was for him to take the initiative and offer for us to go. My heart melted! How sweet!
So that settles it. I jumped at the chance and, starting this wednesday, we will be learning the basics of swing and waltz.

PS: Before you go writing him down in your book of saints, let me fill you in on this last little tid bit of info. He sheepishly admitted later, that his offer was in response to my going flyfishing with him and my new committment to do so several times a season :) But I'm sure not complaining! A little give and take, a little compromise, that's what marriage is all about!


Debby said...

Yay...Jason! (And Yay...Sarah for fly fishing!) I love to see couples do things for each other!

Cheryl said...

I'm shocked - but in a good way :-)That's awesome! What a sweet hubby. Hope you guys have lots of fun dancing!

meaningfulalbums said...

wow - lucky you!! I hear you on the no rhythm thing - Scott's not really rhythmically inclined either, although he is learning to play guitar...