Nov 28, 2012

Thankful Tree

A I plucked the colorful construction paper leaves off of the stick branches, I couldn't just throw them away.  We've been doing a thankful tree for a few years now, but this year I decided to record all the thing we're thankful for.  It will be a good tradition.  It will be good to look back on all the blessings and all the things we're thankful for...especially when hard times they always do in life.  It will be good to have these lists!
ELLA (her list will be the longest, because every night she would ask for multiple leaves.  And even then she would end up having us write multiple things on each of those multiple leaves.  What a joy it was to see gratefulness so cultivated in her little heart!  We did not prompt ANY of these answers, and wrote them down verbatum.  And I LOVE how many there are about her baby brother.  I have been praying since he was first in my womb for a wonderful sibling relationship.)
  1. Our family, pets, food, baby brother, rocks, leaves, sun catchers, bicycle and tricycle.
  2. That I can plan on the new grass.
  3. A nice yard to play with the ball.
  4. That I have a new bouncy ball.  And babies.
  5. These nature collages.  And my blanket.
  6. My salamanders, my fishies and my caterpillars.
  7. for lots of sunny days.
  8. For my glitter lip gloss and these chocolates.
  9. Friends (Claira, Lauren, Emma, Maggie)
  10. That the tank that my fishies are in is pretty.
  11. For nice weather.
  12. That we have such a pretty house.
  13. For my kitchen set.
  14. I am thankful that I have such a lovely baby brother.
  15. I love baby Josiah.
  16. For baby Josiah.
  17. I love baby Josiah because he plays with me, sleeps very much and doesn't cry very much.
  18. For baby Josiah and that he sleeps better in his crib and doesn't cry when he goes to sleep.
  19. That baby Josiah is fun to play with.
  20. That we got to paint with apples and paint on the windows.
  21. That we have a pretty house to play in with a lot a lot of stuff.For my body.  And stickers.
  22. That I'm going to get a bug eyed fish!
  23. For snow, a good swingset, and that I can climb up the slides.
  24. That I get to play with my friends.
  25. For the gift I am giving Nanny and that I can give it to her.
  26. For Nanny and Grampy coming over.
  27. For our fish.
  28. Mom and dad because they play with me.
  29. My school.  Our woodstove and a nice warm house.
  30. That we are going to have lots of space to play in.  And warm hot cocoa.
  31. A big open house to ride my tricycle in.
  1. Rain and sun helping our new lawn grow.
  2. Snow on 11-8-12
  3. Games
  4. Two healthy children
  5. That people think to ask us when they are raising support.
  6. Miss D. and a great library
  7. Ella's awesome preschool and two great teachers!
  8. A wonderful time at church this morning.
  9. An amazing, helpful husband.  xoxo
  10. A wonderful husband and daughter who like to suprise me.
  11. For electricity and running water that so many others in the world don't have.
  12. For our home.
  13. A God who loves me no matter what.
  14. Reconnecting with Stef. K and also for her heart for fostercare and children.
  15. Warm fire, awesome hubby and a great deal on a W/D for mom!
  16. A visit from Krissy.
  17. For soldiers and freedom and days off and sunshine.
  1. For good family time at the park.
  2. For a car that gets me where I need to go.
  3. for my family.
  4. good coworkers
  5. for other people's generosity.
  6. our friends
  7. our good health.
  8. for a nice home where we can have company stay and visit.
  9. for a big yard to run around in.
  10. having good friends!
  11. for a warm, dry home during "hurricane" Sandy
  12. for a good job.
  13. beautiful fall days.
  14. For time to spend with my family.
Baby smiles, ella playing, feeling better, sewing machines.
for this family
for two healthy grandchildren and one more on the way.
many beautiful birds outside my window. ~Grandma

for the outside ~Claira

Having good friends who feed me dinner ~Krissy


Cheryl said...

I love your thankful tree, and was sad to see it gone yesterday. But I like the idea of shepherd's pouches, too, that you just posted about on fb.

Anonymous said...

Have no fear...We're going to do a thankful wreath with red and green leaves for christmas :)