Nov 27, 2012

Can't Leave Well Enough Alone!

My mom would say we can't leave well enough alone.  I would say we have vision and are go getters dedicated to making our home the best it can be!  But really, we can't just move into a home a leave it be.  Nope, we change things.  I'm not just talking paint colors and decor...I'm talking ripping out  cabinets, building closets, and most recently....knocking down walls and rearranging floor plans. 

The kids and I headed North with my mom a day earlier than Jason.  I left him home alone to do some major demo on our house.  What was once a long, skinny, odd, not so usable and definitely not fitting living room for our large now a big beautiful open concept.'s still rough...but you get the picture!

Please excuse the condition of the house.  VERY unlike me, but I did NOpicking up before I snapped the picture.  The wires are still hanging, the paint doesnt match, and the sheet rock dust is still settling but I couldn't wait to share!  :)  I LOVE IT!!!
Knocking down the wall means getting rid of the master bedroom downstairs.  No fear...we have 5 more bedrooms upstairs.  And we like being on the same floor as our children MUCH better!
AMAZING I know!  Look at the space...look at the sunlight!

View from the inside of the former master br.  I almost forgot to take a picture!

So wonderful!  Now the woodstove won't sweat us out of the smaller living room space!

View from dining room entrance into living room.

I am IN LOVE!!!

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Cheryl said...

Yep, I always pooh-pooh your demolition ideas, but then they always turn out great. And this is no exception. It's really a wonderful transformation!