Nov 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

This is not just an obligatory Halloween post.
I don't remember thinking Halloween was anything special when I was growing up.
But I have to admit...I kind of love Halloween now that I have kiddos.
Forget the spooky, leave the loud.   No thanks crowds and good-by gore.
 I couldn't dislike those things more!

But chubby little munchkins all dressed up in cute, cozy costumes?
Yes Please!
Preschool parades and goodies gifted?
Makes me smile.
Pink dino tail bobbing as she walks?
You betcha.
Tiny little voices timidly saying trick or treat and thank-you?
So sweet.
Good friends, hand in little hand, trapsing about a friendly neighborgood?
Makes my heart happy.
Adorable little pumpkin all bundled and smiley?
Who wouldn't love that!
Little toddler fingers sorting through tasty treasures saying with such innocent and genuine appreciation, "Look Mom!  Look what I got!"
 Yup.  Can't get enough of that!


Cheryl said...

Seeing these pictures and hearing what makes you happy makes me happy, too! Love ♥

Unknown said...

OMG - the worlds cutest niece and nephew!! I <3 this!! :) love you guys

Diane said...

Love these, Sarah!! Both are so adorable!!