Feb 16, 2012

Real Love, True Love

I've got a hot date tonight...Good Lord it's been WAY too long since we went out! I'm not sure what's hotter...the fact that he's had it planned for weeks, that he got a sitter, that he is taking me to the fancy new restaurant (just check out the menu! My mouth is watering already!) that opened in town that I've been dying to try, or the fact that this same hot date is going to be ripping out the sink and toilet in our upstairs bath and tiling it starting tomorrow! Good stuff.

That bragging aside, this same hot date went away for three days ice fishing (I wanted him to, time apart doing our own things is important to us, but it's still hard when I'm pregnant AND sick), never called me, and barely said two words to me on the phone when I called him. (Did I mention communication is important to me?) Pregnant, emotional, sick me brought this up (timely, lovingly and appropriately) after Ella had gone to bed Monday night but we still totally got in a fight. The following morning, Valentine's Day morning, he left an adorable candy trail outside Ella's bedroom door that led to a sweet little card and present for Ella and left DIDDLY SQUAT for me. No Bueno people. No Bueno.

That's REAL love. It has it's goods and bads. It's ups and downs. For us it seems to be a little cyclical, but the cycles are getting shorter. And it's constantly changing and shifting with new seasons of life. It keeps you on your toes...Adapt or die really. Sometimes we make good choices. Sometimes we make bad choices. And I'm not afraid to talk about it because that's life. That's marriage. It's not a fairy tale and anyone who thinks it is or should be needs to seriously reconsider getting married. It's work. Sometimes you fight. Sometimes it's hard. Sometimes you get along amazingly. Sometimes it's bliss. Sometimes you like eachother. Sometimes you don't.

But bottom line is... We ALWAYS love eachother.

Our relationship is held together by The Rock. The One who created. Drawing closer to him, draws us closer to eachother and moment by moment, day by day, month by month, year by year...we get better. We get better at communicating. We get better at working through differences. We get better at putting each other first. We get better at doing the little things...and the big things. We get better listening. We get better at serving. We get better at loving. We get better at caring. We'll never reach perfection this side of Heaven...But it's all worth it. Through the good and the bad, I'd not trade it for the world. This is True Love.

This last little (if you ask him, he'll laugh heartily and say it was anything but little :) spat prompted me to put a little more effort in. I think we've both been getting lazy with the little things in everyday life. I found two AMAZING websites with AWESOME and often free or cheap ideas to MAKE YOUR MARRIAGE ROCK! I'll be visiting them daily and I hope you will too!

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