Feb 5, 2012

The Perfect Pair Of Jeans

I'm in that inbetween phase with maternity pants that makes me want to pull my hair out. With Ella, I was this pregnant in the summer. I paired my stretchy cotton, yoga topped palazzo pants with EVERYTHING and life was good. By the time my belly got big, the cold weather had set in and I boughta few maternity pants that fit.

Well, right now, my regular pants still button, but let me tell you, not so comfy. I use the elastic band trick, but then my fly is hanging open and I'm forever pulling my shirts down to make sure it covers it. I've got a belly band, but I cannot tell you how much I DETEST tight things around my belly/waist, so I kind of hate wearing it. Any my maternity pants? Forget about it. WAY TOO big around the waist...they fall to my ankles.

Well, I got fed up with it yesterday and hauled out some money my momma gave me for Christmas, which I was saving to buy maternity things for the spring/summer when my belly really needs them...and bought two pairs of pants.

Let me tell you...best money I ever spent! I could find pictures for you...but I bought them at Target and they are Liz Lange brand. One pair is black, stretchy around the house and the other pair is jeans. The gloriousness? They are UNDER THE BELLY pants!

The black stretchy is self explanatory but let me tell you about the genius that is the jeans! They are high enough in the back, but cut low under the belly. They have elastic on both sides inside the waistline of the jeans so that I can sinch them up right now, but let them out as my belly and waistline grow. GENIUS! And...AND they're really cute! They're dark wash with a thick Hem, fit great and just the right length. I wish I had a non-maternity pair that fit so well! $25 bucks well spent, and I can assure you I'll wear them almost daily so I'll get my money's worth!

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Cheryl said...

Yay! I'm so glad you found some pants that fit and are comfy. I spent about the same amount yesterday at Meijer on some long sleeved shirts that were marked down to half off, plus another 25% was taken off at the register. What a deal!