Feb 29, 2012

It's A Boy!

Yesterday Jason took the day off and we headed out for a fun family day.  Ella did gymnastics (more on that later) then we went to the ultrasound.  (Which by the way I have HORRIBLE luck with sonogram techs.  I always get the worst, grumpiest, poopiest ones : / but life goes on).  It took FOREVER and she had to have be wait and then come back in for more because the doctor said she didn't get all the things she needed to. 

This is kind of a downward/onward look at his face with his arm and hand up by his head and the other large circle being part of his body.
I had these visions of Jason, Ella and I sitting in the sonogram room and the tech explaining things as she went and being good with Ella and letting her see some good pictures of the baby.  Ummm, nope.  Ella lasted a good while and then she and Daddy went out.  Thank goodness for playtables, books and the very cool playhouse at York Hospital and a very patient Daddy!   

I had this great idea to give the tech this card and have her mark what gender our baby was.  I'm glad because it wouldn't have been very emotional or momentous coming from her in that room and we probably wouldn't have all been there. 

This is whole body view and if you have any kind of experience with these things you can tell it's clearly a boy and he was not shy about letting us know!  Thanks for cooperating baby!
So she gave us the sealed card and afterward we headed to our fave spot, the Bagel Basket for lunch.  We got yummy eats and a few treats and let Ella open the card.  She LOVES cards.  And she got to tell us which box was checked...pink, or blue!  That whole part really was as sweet as I hoped. 

We were shocked! I was smiling from ear to ear and almost tearing up.  Jason was...well Jason was showing quite a bit of emotion for Jason :).  We weren't really hoping or thinking one way or another, but it's taking us a while to wrap our heads around raising (and buying new clothes and bedding and such) for a boy.  We are over the moon that we'll have one of each.  We feel so very blessed!

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