Jan 4, 2012

The Tides They Are A Changin'

I say I'm 13 weeks along. The practice I go to (whom I don't like and will likely be changing from shortly, but thats another story...) say that I'm 12 weeks along. To them I have this to say:

For two children we have collectively tried to conceive for a total of 5 YEARS. We use the fertility awareness method (general public, if you don't know what that is...look it up...read the book...every woman/couple should). I have tracked every temperature, documented every sign (trust me there's a lot of signs and I won't go into all of them beacuse it's definitely TMI for a public blog), and taken every ovulations test created for longer than I can remember! I know the very DAY we conceived. Your calculations are based on an inaccuarate, archaic, 28 day cycle, ovulate on day 14 formula. Take YOUR calculation and shove it!

But anyway, I digress. Another thing that confirms what I already know, is that when week 13 hit, a light switch flipped and I once again feel like human being. (It happened at exactly 13 weeks when I was pregnant with Ella too.) The following things have occurred within the last 4 days, that you might find simple, normal, even mundane. But to me...after months of feeling more nauseous and tired than I've ever felt, to me they are miracles!!!

~I haven't hurled!

~I cooked dinner!!! (and lunch too!)

~I started exercising again!

~I went out, to a restaurant (with many a mingling smells, INCLUDING my husbands open coffee mug on the very same table as mine) and didn't feel nauseous or hurl!

~And today, drum roll please......I have asked my husband to hook up the woodstove!

Yes that's right folks. It's not only been out of commission since the hurling began, but the smell still bothered me so much that J actually had to take it apart, and seal it off! Crazy I know. This is what it has looked like for the past few months.And might I also add, that I think God himself allowed unseasonably warm weather to occur during the period I could not stand the woodstove smell so that we didn't go bankrupt using more oil than we'd budgeted for. And now, low and behold, I feel magically better and well enough to run that bad boy again and the cold, cold weather rolls in...just sayin'. :)

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