Jan 25, 2012


Let the gaining begin! I feel wonderful these days (except for a massive headcold) and have even started drinking coffee again. I'm loving hazelnut coconut. Not sure if that's a weird preggo thing but man it tastes delish right now!

You can be expecting one of these each month. I love baby bellies and I love documenting mine! It will be neat to see how it compares to last time around. Already, I think I'm a little ahead of where I was with Ella at 4 months...but I think I had a head start too :)

16 Weeks! The first go 'round I started belly pics at 12 weeks. Because I was so thing to start with that you could actually see a little bump. I could have posted a 12 week pic this go 'round and it would have looked much the same as the first one...but that's not because of baby...that's because I started out that way. So it would have been deceptive to say it was baby bump ;)

Got to hear that fabulous heartbeat again yesterday and it's just perfect. I continue to LOVE the new practice I switched to and you better believe I'm excited that my next appointment includes the 20 week ultrasound!!! I'm dying having not seen this babe yet! I'm not a good waiter. So YES, you better believe we're finding out what gender this little love is!


Christie said...

You look beautiful! Its common for the belly to grow a little faster then your first pregnancy. Praying for a smooth ride for you. Enjoy it while you can!

Life With My Boys..... said...

A beautiful belly, and a beautiful pregnant Mama. You look lovely, Sweets. So happy you are feeling better. Can't wait to find out what you're having....And your name....if you share....can't remember if you do....