Apr 19, 2010

Well, Whatdayaknow!?

She survived! Imagine that. We returned home from our Family Life Weekend to Remember to find that Ella did absolutely fabulous with my mom.

Of course, I did leave 5 pages of directions which included the poison control number, directions/phone number/and hours of the nearest walk-in care, and two local families to call if she needed anything...and I called once a day.

I was a tad worried that she would cling to my mom and not want to come to us when we got home (as she's accustomed to doing with whomever has been taking care of her for a length of time). Nope. I came into sight, she cracked a HUGE smile and came waddling on over as fast as she could, arms wide open saying, "mommy, mommy, mommy". Daddy? Not so much.

As sweet as it was to have her dive in for a big hug and as much as, "mommy, mommy, mommy" was music to my ears, it CAN get a little old. You see, she has been EXTRA, SUPER-DUPER clingy every since we arrived home Sun afternoon. "Mommy, mommy, mommy" is being said with intense repetition and frequency that it's losing it's cuteness. And the whining that ensues when I dare act as if I might put her down for a split second is beginning to grate on the nerves. I pray she settles back into our routine soon and understands that Mommy is not going anywhere...and if she does...she'll be back! :)

Although it's trying my patience a wee bit, I am counting my blessings in this sweet little girl that loves her mommy SOOO much!

PS: If you'd love to go to a Weekend to Remember, Jason and I are going to be group coordinators. If you register under our group you'll recieve $40 off per person! Think on it. Pray about it. It's an investment in your marriage, your family, your future. We'll keep you posted. We'll also be starting a small group next fall using FamilyLife HomeBuilders material. Maybe you wanna be part of that!?

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Cheryl said...

Ella and I had a wonderful time together! Thanks for trusting me to take care of your precious little one. And I think I only referred to your instructions once. :-)