Apr 9, 2010

So How Was Your Easter?

This Easter as we celebrated Christ's ressurection, I felt like I would soon be headed to my grave. We had Jason's family here and minutes after eating Easter dinner Jason and I were simultaneously hit with the nastiest stomach bug I've ever encountered.
From the way Jason tells it, he was no longer expelling all bodily fluids by the time 4 or 5pm rolled around but he was still completely wiped and had all he could do to watch Ella until bedtime. Praise the Lord she goes to bed at 6:30 every night!

You see, I have no idea what was going on. I was holed up in our bedroom, throwing up every 15 minutes or so. That continued so long and so frequently that I couldn't even keep water down, my muscles and joints hurt so bad that if I stopped rocking back and forth I felt like they were on fire, and I felt faint whenever I wasn't laying down. Jason called the doctor by 7:30pm and by 8pm he'd dropped Ella off with friends and taken me to the ER. They gave me all sorts of stuff through IV that made me feel like living again and we were home by 12:30am. Joy.

Monday Jason stayed home. I slept. Tuesday I slept during Ella's nap and had him come home an hour early. Wednesday I slept during Ella's nap and survived. Thursday I had my first real (yet bland) food for dinner. And today I feel like I might be a human being again.
Many of my mommy friends have had this and their kiddos have had it too. It seems to hit everybody with a varying degree of intensity and duration but I know of at least one kiddo that's had to go to the ER also. It's been going on for weeks!
I feel SOOO behind on everything now! But first things first...I cleaned every bathroom and the kitchen...sanitized every doorknob and lightswitch (there are a lot in this house!)...washed every stitch of clothing and bedding and boiled the toothbrushes. I'm keeping Ella out of nursery/child gatherings for a bit and continuing to pray fervently that she does not get this. It scares me to think what it could do to her little body! Now if I can get through work tonight!

However, before the craziness of Easter hit, we did manage to get the kitchen rearranged! Yay. Not finished and painted...but all major things rearranged. Take a look!


anxiousknitter said...

Wow! Removing those cabinets and soffet really opens up your rooms! Looking good! And I'm really glad to hear you are feeling better. It's been nearly a week for me and I'm still not quite right - really wiped out. I'm keeping Nate away for a while, too, until this bug goes away!

Diane said...

We are so glad that you are feeling better. Brian is still not well, but getting there. The kitchen looks great!

Krissy said...

Nice Job on the kitchen!