Apr 21, 2010

Video Onslaught!

Ella is 16 months old. Time is flying! We went through a bit of a SCREAMING phase where she screamed at EVERYTHING! (not getting what she wanted, being offered food she didn't want, a toy not doing what she intended, not being picked up on demant etc. etc.) With some ignoring and some coaching on how to use her words we seem to be coming out of that phase rather quickly. Praise the Lord!

She's is cruising right along. She's learned to climb up onto things. She's picking up many new words per day. She loves to read and is becoming more of a snuggle bug each day! Her favorite thing to do is be OUTSIDE!

It's so neat to watch her take things that we do for her and do them with her toys. For instance. she'll take a baby doll and feed it a bottle and rock her. Then she'll put the doll in a crib, tuck a blanket in around it and give it a stuffed animal. So cute! Also, she gives her Big Bear a ride on her toy.

She recently got some new (to her) toys from our friends. They were a hit!

She's a little mocking bird. Oftem when I've had many a phone call to make in a day, she'll pick up a phone and put it up to her ear and just babble. A natural already!


Krissy said...

Cute videos! I especially enjoyed the one with her and the phone.

Anonymous said...

So adorable!! I loved the dismount from her new horse! She is changing so fast!!