Apr 13, 2010

A Weekend To Remember

I am SOOOO excited. This weekend we are going away to THE best marriage conference EVER. Family Life puts it on. It's phenomenal! Seriously. I cannot say enough about it.

The last time we went, we had been married 8 months. We said we wanted to go back every year or at least every other year. But we let ministry and life get in the way and haven't been back....until now!

And by the way...I am extatic to have a weekend to ourselves. I can't even wrap my head around not having to be responsible for a toddler for a whole weekend! No, I don't feel one bit guilty about how happy I am about this! What will it be like to just have to think about my needs? What will it be like to get to focus on one another with no interuptions!? What will it be like to get to sleep in WITH my husband!? Oh glorious day! Of course I'll miss her. Of course I'm nervous about how she'll do as it's the first time we've left her overnight. But she's in fabulous hands and this is LONG overdue!

To anyone thinking...."Why are you going to a marriage conference? Is your marriage in trouble?" The answer is surely no. Think of marriage like a car. If you never changed your oil or got a tune up, your car would run poorly, break down and be in the shop. Because we want to keep our marriage running smoothly, we go for a "tune-up" so we don't end up broke down in a shop :)

It's so great. They cover ALL topics that need to be talked about in marriage. You get ample opportunity to take stock of your relationship, communicate, learn more about one another, and grow together. You also stay in a fabulous hotel, get lots of time together and a whole evening set aside for a special date night. And if you don't go home thinking it was worth every penny, they'll give you a full refund! It's THAT good!

I am BEYOND excited. BEYOND! I recommend EVERYONE go, whether you've been married 1 day or 50+ years! CHECK IT OUT!


Diane said...

Have a wonderful time!!

anxiousknitter said...

Love the new background - in fact, I loved it so much I followed the link and downloaded my own! Had so much fun playing with all the different colors :) I hope you have a terrific weekend!