Mar 16, 2010

You Might Be a Mom If....

You Might Be a Mom If....

...You're the one that eats the very last crumbled bits from the cereal box
...You save every last bit of food not wanting any to go to waste
...Having poop on your hands is no longer a big deal
...You've snagged a booger (that's not your own) bare handed at least a few times
...It no longer suprises you when you look down during the day and see some sort of food or filth crusted onto your clothing
...You find yourself trying really hard not to let "no" be the primary word in your vocabulary
...You have no quams what-so-ever about making a total fool out of yourself celebrating (seemingly) small achievements
...Nap time is ONE of the highlights of your day
...Your standards of cleanliness in your home have dropped quickly and dramatically

These aren't meant to be negative...just true and funny. The list started forming in my head this morning when I found nothing but tiny crubles of raisin bran left in the cereal box and poured it out and ate it anyway because I didn't want any to go to waste. I thought, "I never would have done that before I was a mom!" Add your own in the comments. Keep the list going!


Morgan Family said...

--when you are in the car ALONE and still find yourself listening and singing along to the kids music :)

anxiousknitter said...

...when your child is napping in the chair and you realize you still haven't changed the TV channel from what they were watching, and worst of all you're actually watching it!

...when you find yourself swaying from side to side as if you were rocking your child only to realize your arms are currently empty ;)

Cheryl said...

You might be a mom if you don't have time to post any new pictures on your blog because you're too busy with a sick baby.

P.S. Have you found your little camera yet?

But really, I want to know if the "poop on your hands is no longer a big deal" also applies to dads, especially ones who thought they were going to need a second, separate washing machine for those nasty diapers! =) Inquiring minds want to know.