Mar 10, 2010

It's Been Too Long! (a.k.a. prepare yourself for lots of pictures!)

Ahhhhhhhh. I type refreshed by God's Word and good friends at Bible Study this morning. I type with the warmth of the sun streaming down on me through my window, my babe sleeping quietly in the next room and my trusty, graying Hunter laying at my feet. I am thankful. I am blessed.

The days are getting away from me. They are so full. But full of good things. Things like mothering my beautiful girl, play dates and library time - Serving in women's ministry and studying the Word - Hanging out with friends, cuddling my man, visiting with family - Working, meal planning, cooking, baking - Keeping up with this abundant home God has entrusted to us - Reading, crafting, exercizing.... and maybe one day getting around to cleaning up the yard and painting every square inch of this place and putting some decorations on the walls :)

It has been too long, as I was reminded this morning when my little one showed off her walking skills in the nursery and my friend exclaimed, "When did that happen!? It's not on your blog!"

Since we (and by that I mean Jason) still can't find our camera that we take video on, you'll have to settle for still pictures. The first three pictures are with our old camera. I think you'll notice a difference. I'm still getting used to the new one. (Controlling the apature and shutter speed and all that jazz is so different than with my 35mm SLR, it'll take time to retrain the patterns my hands have already learned so well. I'll also need a puffer as the flash does tend to wash out!) So here is our last three months in pictures.
One dreary day in Jan. this little cherub was content with nothing. So here's what I finally let her do. It took much deep breathing to embrace the mess. Motherhood is good for me!
She loves to "help" with laundry. Just look how pleased she is with herself!
She would ride on this ALL DAY LONG if we'd pull her. Although she does love using it as a walker now. You could never get this picture with a digital, auto focus, auto flash! LOVE!
She continues her love of reading.
She thoroughly enjoys clapping.
The big move has happened and she can't get enough of the cat door. Many a toy disappears through this magical little portal!
All sorts of fun can be viewed through the glass doors in the new dining room. This particular evening she was watching her daddy put things away in the utility room. She would bang on the glass and wave wildly at him each time he appeared and then occupy herself with this when he was out of site!Enjoying the house her mommy built :)
"Helping" unload the dishwasher. This thing is like an Ella magnet. If it's open, she's there in 2.2!
And, yes, she's walking! It began Feb. 5th with a first step at our friend's Steph and Ryan's house. It developed into 2 or 3 steps here and there....then 5 or 6 every now and again...then 10 or so. Then March 5th (while daddy was away) she walked across the whole kitchen to me! Today in nursery she followed me around half the room!
And joy of all joys - a blessing and a curse. She's feeding herself! It's neither neat nor efficient but she insists on it now! Look how proud she is! Again, motherhood is good for me!
I wish you could hear her. She is talking up a storm, attempting to repeat any word you say. Here are all the things she says consistantly that I can remember right now:
all gone
all done
yeah, yeah, yeah! (with clenched fists and sheer exhileration in her voice!)
no, no, no
row, row, row (when she wants me to sing row your boat)
rock, rock, rock
walk, walk (wok, wok)
vroom, vroom
whussat? whussat? whussat? ("whats that?" over and over and over and over... :)
Hope you like the glimpse! Thank-you for sharing in our joy!


Krissy said...

I LOVE a lot of pictures. Ella's expressions are adorable! I like the one of her in the house.

Angie Cousins said...

Fun to hear an update! Sounds like motherhood is good for you!:)

Diane said...

Ooooh!! So adorable!! Thanks for sharing..Walking & talking...what next!! Love all the pictures and news of Miss Ella!!