Mar 31, 2010

Let the Re-Do begin!

Two things should be exceedingly clear at the end of this post:
#1) The game plan for our kitchen re-arrange
#2) I am AWESOME with computers...particularly MS Paint.

So here's the plan:
#1) Make sure there's nothin' important in the sofet we want to rip out. Check.
#2) Rip out one pantry closet, get rid of wood trim, make sofet above, put fridge in new space.
#3) Rip out sofet, place 2 cuppords and new counterspace over in new area next to fridge.
#4) Put doors on pantry
#5) Paint walls red
#6) Paint cuppords white
#7) Replace countertops and appliances some day before I die.

Here's how far we (and by "we" I mean Jason) have gotten. He has ripped out the closet, trim and drywalled the new space. He's on his last coat of mud/sand. Next up, ripping down that sofet and cabinets and crackin' this baby wide open! Can't Wait!


Christime M said...

Great work! It's nice to get right at it -- so you have what you want from the beginning. You've motivated me to continue stripping the trim in my kitchen that's been half done for about a year (shh, don't tell anyone!)

Thanks for sharing!

Diane said...

So proud of Jason!! He is just like his Dad when it comes to being handy around the house. Looking great! Cannot wait to see it finished!!

Cheryl said...

Wow, you guys are going to town on it already! It's looking great. This makes more sense than what I had pictured, which was you tearing out all the pantry area and replacing it with cupboards and counter space, which to my mind would have been losing a lot of storage space.

Anonymous said...

the MS paint is my favorite part :)