Mar 1, 2010

Happy Happy Joy Joy

"WAHHHOOOOOO!" I yelped with delight when Jason informed me we had nabbed our first squirrell. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy (for real).

Then in dawned on me....that thumping I had heard at 5:30am was the little critter...which meant it hadn't died instantly. Then I did a stupid thing and asked for details. The poor little guy still wasn't dead at 8am when Jason went to check the traps. He had to give him one good thwack to the head with a pipe to put him out of his misery. My husband the rodent mobster. I felt so bad I almost cried. And then the joy just continued....

1) We can't find our digital camera, on which we take all the cute video of Ella. I'm convinced Jason took it on an ice fishing excursion. He says he didn't. I'll keep you updated on how that one plays out.

2) Every major store in our area (that we need to purchase items for those little odds and ends that always pop up when moving into a new home) is remodeling and temporarily out of everthing we need.

3) I went to Home Depot today to purchase (not so cheap) blinds for the bedroom and living room. Could not get a SOUL in that place to help me get them cut down to size. Fussy baby in the mix. Finally had to just leave. Was so disgusted that I most certainly wouldn't buy them there if it weren't for the fact that I have two gift cards to use there!

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy(sarcastic)! Here's hopin' things look up!

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Diane said...

We absolutely hate Home Depot also, but Jason said that is what you two wanted.So that is what we got for you..We really like Lowes alot...So sorry. Hope your next visit is better!