Aug 23, 2009

Three Super Cute Videos!

Well, we'll see if our slow, old computer cooperates and lets me put all three videos up...

In the first one, Ella is blowing raspberries at 7mo. She does this ALL the time now and I'm so happy I got it on film!

In the second one, she is bouncin' around with daddy and giggling like crazy! She seems to be more and more giggly as bed time draws near :) She is almost 8mo in this one.

And in the last one, she is learning to feed herself finger foods. It often takes her much work to actually get the food in her mouth. (It doesn't help that bananas are so slippery!) But she is one determined little chicky and is so happy with herself when she does! Tooo cute! She's getting better and better at this every day! She's 8mo in this one!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

These are just the cutest videos! She is so smart and beautiful..Can't wait to show them to Great Grammie Haskell.