Aug 20, 2009

Eat Your Heart Out Fisher Price

Of all the many colorful, crinkly, textured, imaginative toys that we have, Ella prefers three things:

#3) The Post that the colorful rings go on. Yes, forget the colorful plastic rings with rattlers in side. When you give it to her she promptly takes all of those off and giggles in delight at the post.

#2) Partially filled water bottles. Dasani is her favorite but really any will do. She tips them upside down and watches the water and then chews on the bottom.

#1) Any tube of cream/ointment. She particularly favors her large tube of Aveeno baby lotion. If you do not give it to her while on the changing table, she's quite a bear. But once she has it in her possession, her eyes grow wide and she turns it over and over in her hands just marveling at it in sheer wonder! The trick is distracting her enough to take it away!

Yes that's right. A new development in her life is little baby anger! She used to immediately forget about whatever you took away from her. Now, you take something away and those angry red eyebrows pop out, fist start a clenchin' and crying comences. I believe this is due to a little something called object permanancy. Fabulous!

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