Aug 17, 2009

6 Years and Counting!

So maybe we don't have the coin right now to celebrate like we used what if we're not able to go away right now because we have a precious babe...who cares if we may have celebrated a week was still wonderful!

Don't get me wrong. We love each other beyond words. But no one ever said marriage was going to be easy and believe you me we've had our rough times to be sure!

However, as we sat down to dinner and reflected, we both agree that... despite the fact that this last year involved the upheaval of life as we knew it by bringing little Ella into this world, multiple moves (including being homeless for a bit in between, while pregnant!), job changes and a lovely cut in income so I could be a stay at home mom... it's been our best year yet!

How can that be? Because the things that really matter are not where we live or how much money we make or what sort of life style we can afford. And the things that matter most have been more on spot this year than ever before.

We've been challenged in our faith and have been both been growing spiritually as individuals and also as a couple. We're communicating better than we ever have and that's SO HUGE! We're (always still learning how to) but also doing a good job at handling our disagreements in a way that's productive and respectful to one another. With our new life changes we've been spending a lot of quality time together and we feel really connected. And last but not least, we've created a life together! Not only are we in love with each other as husband and wife but now I get to fall in love with Jason in a whole new way...watching him be a father, and he watching me be a mother! We are so enjoying everything about our beautiful daughter, as well as learning so much about ourselves as we navigate this thing called parenthood.

Sure next year could smack us right in the face with some unexpected turn and I'm sure there's many a bump in the road to contend with in the future, but we both agree there is no one we'd rather be on this crazy journey with than each other. I know as long as we're both still kickin' we'll be together, so here's praying for a lifetime of years to come!

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Angie Cousins said...

Congrats on 6 years!!! So happy that its been a good one!