Aug 21, 2009

8 Month Photo Shoot!

There's a beautiful little park just down the road from us. We took Ella there for her 8 month photo shoot. The lighting was best by the flowers around 5pm. She was just fed so we thought she'd be happy. Not so much. We had a cranky little one on our hands and Jason was all but doing back flips to try to make her smile. Never the less I got some great shots. There's a ton here but this is only the better half of all the good ones!!! Enjoy!

PS: I greatly reduce the size of my photos in order to load them onto my blog, so if you try to copy any photos, they won't be good quality. Family don't worry, there are CD's of pics coming this Christmas!!!


Cheryl said...

Beautiful!!! You could definitely be a photographer! Of course, you might need your trusty sidekick, Jason, to do all his antics in the background to get the babies to laugh and smile. :-) Thanks for posting all the adorable photos!

Angie Cousins said...

Great pictures! She is beautiful and you did a wonderful job capturing it!