Aug 22, 2008

You Are Getting Very Sleepy

We had our second Hypnobirthing class. It was very cool. She did a hypnosis session on all of us and it was VERY cool.

So first of all, the thing to understand is that in hypnosis no one can make you do something that you don't want to do or that is against your morals or beliefs. You are completely in control. Those are just some common misconceptions.

At first it didn't seem to be working because she was guiding us into our subconcious mind but my consious mind was totally still in control because she was like "You will not be able to move your finger with your conscious mind." And I was all, "Yes I will be." And she was all "Go ahead and try to move your finger with your conscious mind." And then I would.

But as she guided us further into relaxation and relaxing every part of our body it was very neat. She guided us to imagine being wrapped in our favorite blanket and I could totally picture it and then she told us that we were feeling the warmth of that blanket and my body definitely got warmer. Then she told us that that warmth was turning into tingling relaxation and described how that tingling moved over our body. And I felt that tingling in a very real way. It was suprising to me that I felt it that strongly and it made me laugh almost in disbelief. The craziest thing was when she guided us to make our right hand go numb. I mean seriously people. My hand was NUMB. I could not feel the other finers touching eachother and then she had us reach up and touch our cheek with the numb hand it was insane! I mean my cheek could totally feel my hand touching it but my hand could not feel anything! Then she brought us out and asked us how long we had been in hypnosis. I was sure it had been just 10 minutes and said so. But in actuality it had been 30 minutes! Anyway. Very cool and further solidified my belief that this is THE way to go!


Jessica said...

Very interesting....Look forward to hearing more.

Katharine Graves said...

I've had a mother come up to me near the end of a hypnobirthing class and ask me when the hypnosis will begin. She interpreted everything we had done as relaxation. In fact, hypnosis happens every minute of every day, but if you get into a relaxed state with some positive suggestions, you can let go of some of the unhelpful suggestions we've acquired through life.


Katharine Graves is a hypnobirthing teacher in London

Raene said...

I love reading blogs about hypnobirthing...isn't it fabulous? Happy pregnancy and birthing to you!