Aug 28, 2008

Jason Redeemed

So Jason found out that this whole thing isn't actually all his fault. While he did neglect to see that the title search was done on time, this whole lien thing didn't even show up in the title search. That came back totally clean. The only way anyone found out about this is because our mortgage company called the town office to get the tax bill info as standard procedure to figure out all the final closing details. So Jason feels better, I don't have to try not to be really really angry, and our child still has a chance of entering the world with parents who love each other.

After much waiting it finally seems we have a solution. Guy who owes the taxes (we'll call him Billy) and guy who currently owns the land (we'll call him Bob) are going to pay the taxes. Bob was trying like mad to get a hold of Billy. Billy finally called back Bob and Billy is going to pay a litle more than half of the money and Bob and his realestated partner are going to split the remaning money. Billy and Bob are supposed to take care of this tomorrow. Then Bob is supposed to have the proof of that faxed to our mortgage company and we are supposed to close Tues. at 3:30pm.

Please pray that that happens! I don't know if I just love my husband more and more or if it can be attributed to pregnancy hormones, but I've been away from him since Wed morning and won't see him again until Sat. afternoon (because I'm staying with friends on my worknights) and there have been numerous times when I've fought back tears because I'm so sad, and I really don't want to do this again next week. If we close on Tues, I hope and pray that the trailer can be moved on Wed. and then I will sleep on a matress on the floor with my hubby even though there will be no electricity.

So that's that. I'll keep you updated!

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Cheryl said...

Hooray! Praying with you that it all finally gets taken care of and you can close on Tuesday!