Aug 13, 2008

Meat Wagon

Why my husband waited until Saturday to tell me this story I’ll never know because it’s hilariously unbelievable to me. I must share.

Saturday, after we moved and said good-bye and got all settled in at “camp”, we went out to dinner for a little belated anniversary celebration. (We found a trendy little tavern on Main St. in Waterville that served some out of the ordinary semi-gourmet dishes. It was fantabulous.) Anyhoo, as we were enjoying each other and the atmosphere, Jason busts outta nowhere and says, “Oh! I forgot to tell you what happened the Thursday!”

The following story ensued:

I was finishing packing up the house and this old Ford Ranger goes driving by. It had one of those GIANT chest freezers like strapped down in the bed of the truck and it was so big it was hanging out over the tailgate. Well, it drove up to the end of the road and turned around and came back by. It slowed down and stopped next to our house and then I saw that there was this homemade sign taped to the chest freezer that said something like “Joe’s Meat Company”. Anyway, a woman got out and walks over and starts trying to sell me meat out of this chest freezer strapped in the back of her Ford Ranger. She was all like “Hey we’ve got some great meat and it’s all a really good price. We’ve even got rib eye for like 3.99/lb. So do you want some?”

At this point I think I might have said something like, “Hey crazy meat lady. You’re crazy. Do you understand how sketchy it is to go door to door and try to sell meat out of the bed of your pick up? I’m sure there are regulations against that and you’re breaking some kind of food law. Please leave. You scare me.”

But my husband? No. Nope. He acted like this person was not crazy and gave a polite excuse about how we were moving and all of our kitchen stuff was packed and we wouldn’t have any way to cook meat right now!

Oh my gosh. It sounded like something out of the twilight zone that would only happen to my friend Amy L. (Come to think of it Amy, you are the only person that popped into my head that I thought might have ACTUALLY bought some of that sketchy, sketchy meat ;)


Cheryl said...

Hey, it sounds like a do-it-yourself Schwan's. That's a company that actually does go around selling meat and other food door to door out of their trucks!

Amy said...

So maybe I would have! What's the big deal? Tell ya what...if she ever comes to my house I'm buying that ribeye and inviting you guys over for dinner.

And okay, so glad this happened to Jason...some people think my stories are all made up! Weird things really do happen!

The Cousins- Joe, Angie, Lily, and Indy said...

Yes, crazy meat lady came to our house as well! Prices were good, but we found it just too sketchy to partake!