Sep 8, 2012


Life with two is still crazy.  Maybe more on that later. 

Ella recently got two vaccinations because she's going into preschool.  (We're on the very delayed, very limited schedule.)  It was like her first shots because she doesn't remember any of the others.  Her last one was at two years old...almost two years ago. 

She was a trooper.  Didn't argue, didn't whine, didn't flinch, didn't cry.  I was more nervous and anxious than she was! 

The lovely nurse gave Ella an empty syringe, with which she gave her bear a shot first.  Then the nurse sent her home with it, along with alchohol wipes and band aids.  The next day I came downstairs from putting Josiah down for a nap and found this:
Baby needed A LOT of shots apparantly.  There are at least 5 more on the other side of her.  Made me laugh.


mallory pollard said...

What is your delayed/limited schedule? We gave Jack the minimal shots/delayed some timing as well and were constantly struggling with doctors/nurses about our choosing to do this, but we never had a concrete schedule. Just curious!

Cheryl said...

So cute! Smart nurse to give Ella the syringe to practice on her bear first.

Diane said...

Love it!! Thanks for sharing the pictures, Sarah!!

Krissy said...