Aug 28, 2012


We've been away for the last week and it was glorious! 
Each summer we try to get away for at least one week to Jason's Family Camp.

A week together, to enjoy, and relax and just be was so needed! 
I praise God for PERFECT weather the WHOLE time!
I got to sleep in every day because Josiah cooperated nicely.  
We rarely made it out of our PJ's or the cabin door before 10am.  
Jason cooked every dinner...bless his heart...he is the grill master :) 
We got in some good, solid quality time as a family. 
Jason and Ella got in a ton of fishing...Josiah and I just went along for the ride.
The whole family actually took a 1 1/2 hour nap all at the same time the first day we were there.  I'm sorry to say that was the only time the stars aligned. 

We did A LOT of this:

Ella learned to "thumb" (hold) her own fish and release them.

 I got out on the boat. 
The sun, the breeze, the blue skies dotted with puffy white clouds did my sould good!

 My loves...minus the one taking the picture :)

Ella is now a master boat driver.

Playing with her fave cousin.  They LOVE eachother! 
Ry caught the fish but wouldn't touch it.  Ella was happy to step in and hold it for the picture :)

And he did a lot of this:
I wish I could say it lasted when we brought him home...but not so much.
Apparantly everybody DOES sleep better at camp.


Cheryl said...

Loved seeing these pictures from your week at camp. Ella is quite the fisherman now! And Josiah looks so cute and chubby. He must have done a lot of eating as well as sleeping. :-) Glad you all had a good week.

Jen said...

Love the picture of Ryleigh and Ella and their pink sunglasses!