Sep 25, 2012

Two Months Old!

Yes, I'm still alive.  We're all still alive.  And here are some Two Month Old pictures of our sweet boy.  He's actually 10 weeks old now, but I'm resigned to being behind on everything for the next few years of my life.  I'm busy doing the important stuff!
 I dare say we're getting into a little bit of a rhythm.  Of course once I say that, everything will change.  That's how it goes :)  But this little bugger is being pretty good to us.  He started taking a turn for the better around 6 weeks...falling asleep on his own a little better, sleeping a little longer stretches, less gas, colic fussy etc.  But by 8 weeks the real change started happening.
 We now have ourselves one super smiley little guy.  He's mellow, content and quite social and it's very easy to get him to crack a smile from ear to ear or respond to something funny.  He'll hang out on his mat or in his swing for much longer than he used to. 
You really only hear him cry when he's hungry, or fuss when he's tired.  He does still have his fussy time in the evening where he needs to be held constantly.  But this is a normal fussy time where he's content if being held or walked...not a crazy, inconsolable colic time.  This I can do. 
He's not up until all hours of the night anymore.  He's usually down around 10ish...sometimes 8:30 or 9.  We're still keeping with the Babywise methods which I swear by and slowly but surely his sleep habits are getting better and becoming more regular.  He's slept 6, 7 and 8 hour stretches for us from time to time, although that's still not consistant.  It's usually waking once a night to nurse...sometimes two.  And he naps well during the day.
 Ella continues to be AMAZING with him.  Simply amazing.
 And me?  Well, I'm starting to feel human again.  It's still a rough road at times, but I'm learning what helps me and taking care of myself.  In no particular order, theses are the things I've been doing to help keep my sanity.
 #1 is sleep.  I must get sleep. 
#2 is a shower.  If I wake up and shower first thing, the whole world is a better just does something for me. 
#3 Physical exercise.  I started a Pilates class which I love and it's helping me reclaim my abs and posture!  I walk.  AND I bought a punching bag.  It's gonna help a lot...once I get it hung up. 
 #4 time with my hubby.  I swear it felt like we didn't talk for 6 weeks straight.  Reconnecting has been slow...still few and far betweenish, but great. 
 #5 supportive friends and talking and venting.  Its necessary.  It's great. 
#6 self care.  Maybe more elaboration on that another time. 
 And I'm actually getting my groove back.
Able to spend a bit more intentional time with Ella. 
Cleaning a bit more, tidying up a bit more, grocery shopping, meal planning, cooking, baking etc.
It is getting better...slowly but surely...getting better.
And I wouldn't trade this huggable, kissable, smooshable little love for anything!


Cheryl said...

Sweet pictures! He sure is huggable! :-) And I'm glad things are starting to get better for you and a little bit more back to normal. Yay!

Diane said...

Josiah is so adorable!! Thanks for sharing the pictures...maybe this weekend you can help me put together a grandchildren brag book from Snapfish..So happy that you are doing better!! And Ella is precious!! Love all the pictures!!