Apr 4, 2012

Kisses from Katie

If you do not know about this woman, you need to DROP what you are doing right now and go READ HER BLOG.  I cannot even put into words how AMAZING she is, how much she inspires me.  It does not matter what faith you are...or even if you say you don't have a particular belief system...you will be captivated, engrossed, challenged, and inspired.  Guaranteed!
The gist that I've gathered since discovering her a few days ago:
~2006 Went to Uganda for 1st time when she was 18 years old.
~2007 Returned the following year to teach kindergarden in Uganda
~2008 started a child sponsorship program sending orphaned children to school
           started a non profit called Amazima Ministries International
           became a mother to three orphaned girls.
~Presently, something like 23 years old, lives in Uganda and is mother to 14 orphaned girls, and is the executive director of Amazima Ministries which sends 400 children to school, feeds 1,600 children, reaches out to community including classes, health training, gardening, vocational training and in doing so brings the love of Christ!

Find out about Amazima Ministries International HERE.  Her blog is honest, graphic, challenging, tear-jerking, and awe inspiring.  In my humble opinion you MUST at least follow it.  I am moved to also read her book and give to her ministries work!

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