Apr 27, 2012

I'll Say It Again...I'm In Love

I know I've ranted about this before...but man oh man do I LOVE my Marketbasket grocery store.  T in greenville who pays $100 for an organic apple will probably shed a tear and my sister will want to ring my neck but I just HAVE to share!  This is not an opportunity for you to judge my grocery purchasing habits, but it's intended to make a true believer out of anyone doubting the Marketbasket Way!

Here's what I bought today (We're having people over to help clear land and feeding them a hearty, perhaps not so healthy, BBQ so I bought quite a few extra/processed/namebrand things that would not normally be on my list! I was a little worried I was going to blow the budget, but was pleasantly suprised!):

1pk english muffins
2 loaves bread (whole wheat, whole grain, no HFCS)
12 Hamburger buns
20 hot dog buns
12 deli bulky rolls

long grain wild rice
rice pilaf

3lb sweet potato
1 cucumber
1 bag carrots
1 onion
Sugar snap peas

4lbs apples
1 watermelon
1 cantaloup
1 1/2lbs red seedless grapes
2lbs bananas

Chicken (drumsticks)
1lb Organic ground beef
16 hotdogs
1lb honey roasted turkey breast (2.99/lb!!!)
1/2lb swiss cheese
1/2lb american cheese

5lb sugar
powdered sugar
chocolate chips

unsalted butter
2 4pks of pillsbury biscuits (we make cinnamon rolls out of these every saturday :)
two frozen pizza doughs
4c shredded mozzarella cheese
24pk cheese sticks
extra sharp block cheese
24oz cottage cheese
8 yogurts
1 gallon milk

2 big bags potato chips
Kettle corn microwave popcorn
2 boxes of graham crackers
3 boxes of cereal

Sunsweet prune juice
Dole Orange Pineapple Banana Juice
2 12pks namebrand soda
1 12pk geary's

Two half gallons of ice cream
1pkg 12ct. Edy's fruit popcicles
1pkg 12ct.  ice cream bars

Are you ready for the GRAND total!?

Tell me that is not AMAZING!  I mean, I shop once a week and generally spend well under $100 each week if I'm doing our normal list.  I really don't know what I'd do if they ever went out of business!?  Or if I ever moved to a location where groceries weren't so cheap.  Our whole budget would be shot!  I'm couting my blessings for sure!


Esther said...

Jealous! Definitely would be way more here at Hannaford.

Anonymous said...

This is precisely why I do my grocery shopping at Walmart out here...shameful, I know, but I can get the same stuff as at the supermarket for much cheaper...and right now, that's exactly what I need. lol. Kinda wishing we had a marketbasket now... ;-p


Anonymous said...

SO much more at Hann. To give u an idea... Apples are .99/lb, the grapes were .99/lb, the bread was $2.00 a loaf...and it just goes on and on! Crazy.

Cheryl said...

Wow, sounds like you're feeding an army! That is definitely a great price for all that food. I love the sugar snap peas, and thank you for telling me how much cheaper they are at Market Basket than I was paying for them at Walmart! =)

Jen said...

So Jealous! I dread grocery shopping at Hannaford.