Mar 31, 2012

Pregnancy Fitness: What Works For Me

I'm not sure what my motivation is this time around...the fact that: -I'll likely be in a swimsuit at 40 weeks preggers whereas last time I was in stretchy cotton pants and sweaters up to my neck.
-I have a three year old to keep up with.
-I'm petrified of how hard it will be to lose the weight with one infant, one toddler, and one large house to keep up with.
But I've been MUCH better about exercising this time 'round.  I was pretty good for a while with the last one too.  But I think it's because I've found two SUPER AWESOME workouts!  MWF are this:

Here's why I LOVE it.  The Lindsay Brin workout is PERFECT.  If you were like SUPER workout freak before you got pregnant, this might not be enough for you.  But if you're anything like me...average momma who's fitness and nutrition routine include, chasing after a toddler, hauling laundry up and down the stairs, and fitting in walks, runs or workouts when you can, and trying to eat healthy and not totally pig out just to relieve your stress, then this is for you!  There's a different workout for each trimester.  It's kind of circuit like in that it rotates through cardio, upper body toning & lower body toning.  Ten it has abs at the end and some sweet stretches.  It goes slow enough so you never feel off balance, rushed, or totally exhausted.  But it really works you out and has great moves that are pregnancy safe that I never would have thought of!  And I'm super pumped about the Post Preggers Boot Camp to kick me back into shape.  Lindsay tells me that if you work out during pregnancy, your body is so used to all the extra work (increased weight, bloodvolume, metabolism etc) that you can actually get in BETTER shape after baby than if you'd never been pregnant at all!  Wahoo! 

And then I do this prenatal yoga work out T,R.  It still works you out and keeps you toned, but stretching is SO important when pregnant!  Your muscles really tighten up with extra weight in wierd places.  You're totally prone to charlie horses.  AND ligaments and tendons are doing all sorts of funky things loosening up with all the crazy hormones.  PLUS this is prenatal yoga which really focuses on moves that get you ready for labor.  The yoga moves I practiced all pregnancy were a HUGE help to me during labor and I dare say (along with prayer, hypnobirthing and my amazing doula) helped me have a short, easy, natural labor that most people are shocked at when I talk about...especially with my first.
So I highly recommend these!  I also highly recommend Lindsay Brin's blog.  She's a mom of 3 and she chronicles, in full color picture detail, her road back to fit...starting with pictures that are just days after she gave birth.  She talks about ways she tries to eat healthy...even when she's hitting the drive through at mcdonalds with three kids strapped into her minivan.  She's normal, real, honest and inspiring.  She also has a really rockin' website called MomsIntoFitness with TONS of great info and all her products as well (although you can totally get them cheaper on amazon or at Target).

So that's what I'm doing.  What works for you to stay fit and healthy when preggers? 

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Anonymous said...

I do the same prenatal yoga one! :) I try to do it at least 4 times a week...I'm not always very succesfull though with how busy my job is and all...