Mar 30, 2012

24 Weeks!

Okay, okay I'm a little behind in posting this picture.  I'll actually be 26 weeks in a few days.  But in the spirit of taking a monthly picture and documenting this baby belly for friends and family that don't get to see the whole process, here's my 24 weeks picture from a few weeks ago.

I'm still feeling great...just a few normal aches and pains.  Bloodpressure/sugar/heartbeat/weight all continue to be super healthy!  Praise the Lord.

This seems quite minor in light of things I've been praying for for many friends and family in my life, but nothing is too small to lift up.  And I know, I know...people are always saying I carry so small...but anyway....So if you think about it, just pray for me.  I'm right on track, but I've gained a few more pounds at this point than I had my last pregnancy...and I'm actually exercising MORE and eating better!  Im a little freaked out that I'm going to get ginormous...and losing the weight won't be nearly as easy as round 1.  Just pray that I would not compare!  Pray that my focus would not be on me, but solely on a healthy happy baby!  Thanks!

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