Aug 23, 2011

Update On Baby Jude

Baby Jude is one week old today!!! Praise the Lord! This is a little boy who had brain surgery in the first days of his life because blood was covering most of his brain. The doctors asked his parents 4 times in the first few days if they wanted to just take him off life support. They said no, and have an army of people praying with them.

As of Today:

An eye that they thought would never work, is responding well.

The dopamine that was once required to keep his blood pressure stable, has been turned off (A VERY specific prayer his momma, Mandy, had asked for.)

He was tested off the respirator and breathed on his own!

He is being transferred back to the first hospital because they have an excellent pediatric heart surgeon. Pray that the doctor will do the surgery and it will fix his two hear defects. This boy is a fighter and God is answering prayers for healing.

The road is no doubt still long and he is by no means out of the woods. Keep praying!

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Cheryl said...

Been praying for him and his momma and daddy and brother. Will keep on praying!