Aug 9, 2011

The Harvest Continues

After we returned from our weekend at camp, this is what I hauled in from the garden.It is our THIRD bean picking. I have already canned 17 jars of dilly beans, frozen two pounds and eaten plenty more! There will be AT LEAST two more pickings from what I can tell.

The tomatoes are exploding and so are the cukes. I pulled a carrot and onion just to see where they're at...a bit more time for those. The poor little pea pods in the back corner are from the few pea pants that survived the bunny raid. 'Fraid there won't be many of those! But they sure are tasty, eaten as pods or peas!

I picked four pounds of pickling cukes today and am taking my first stab and pickling them as we speak! This stuff just makes me giddy!

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Cheryl said...

I had the MOST delicious salad for dinner tonight, thanks to your gardening. Fresh lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, and beans. I added some carrots, feta cheese, and croutons. Yum! And thank you! :-)