Aug 19, 2011


The verdict is in. Hunter has anaplasmosis. This is what the vet thought based on the symptoms. It is very hard to diagnose by bloodwork but they did confirm it.

It is so similar to Lyme disease. It is caused by a bacteria carried in ticks. Dogs get lethargic, lose their appetite, get upset stomach, have stiff swollen joints and usually run a fever. Hunter never ran a fever. If it progresses too far, they can have seizures, neurological affects and it can affect the liver and kindneys. He's not had any seizures or neurological affects and it doesn't seem to have affected his liver or kidneys, let's hope not.

The good news is that after a four week course of antibiotics, most dog make a full recovery. He's been on his meds for one week and the only symptom he still displays is a limp, but it's much more slight than before. His prednizone has cleared up his itching, he's eating like a champ, and chasing his ball once again. Yay!


Diane said...

Thank you, God! Sarah, this makes Brian and I so happy. God does answer prayers. We are praying for our beautiful granddog.

Cheryl said...

I'm glad he is doing so much better. He was really acting like a much older dog lately. Poor guy.