Jun 23, 2011


While my honey is away, I will play....with paint.

Jason is gone on his annual fly fishing trip. He actually guided a day of fishing for a little extra income on Wednesday and then his two friends from up North are joining him at which point they will all fish their brains out until Sunday.

For Father's Day I got him a rockin' desk off of freecycle, three new storage containers for all his fly-tying gear (and a really sweet homemade fishy card) and now I will work my butt off to get Ella's old room painted and turned into a craft/office room where he has his very own personalized fly-tying space!

To save money, I am mixing the remainder of three left over gallons of paint. (They are all a shade of light green.) The polls are now open for voting on whether this is going to be a raging success or an epic failure. Feel free to chime in your thought.

Of COURSE pictures will follow!


Christine said...

I like Jill's thought on FB. Same brand and sheen?
I've never done it -- I'm anxious to see how you make out!

Amy said...

Either way, he'll never notice.

Sarah said...

Sheen and brand, YES. Amy you crack me up. The walls are currently yellow with butterflies all around and pink loopdyloops inbetween the butterflies. If he doesn't notice this change, we're going to have him evaluated...for what? I don't know!