Jun 20, 2011

Kids Say...

...the cutest things.

Maybe it's because she busts out very big words for a very little girl - out of no where. Maybe it's her sweet sing-song voice tone. Maybe it's the detailed inflection she adds. Or maybe it's just because she's mine...but I just cannot get enough of Ella's little quips. They never fail to melt my heart or make me laugh or simply amaze me. Here's a few recent conversations.

This morning jumping on a mattress on the floor:
ELLA: I jumpin in da bwue wagoon! I goin' undew like da kids doos! Da watew's weally warm!
ME: Oh wow. Look at you! That's great honey.
ELLA: Hewe. Fowd my bwanket fow me and set it wight hewe. NO. Not dere. WIIIIGHT hewe. 'Cause I patended it's my towew. You can dwy me off wif it when I get out of da watew. K, mom?

Today driving home from errands:
ELLA: MooOOoom?
ME: Yes love?
ELLA: I can have a sip of youw delisus coffee?

Today sitting at the table eating lunch:
ELLA: So. We goin to sing happy birfday to me. K, mom?
ME: Oh I see. And when do you want us to sing happy birthday to you?
ELLA: Ummmm.... Fursday.


Diane said...

She is a special little girl! We miss her so!!

Sarah said...

She is a sweetie! You saw her two weeks ago and we'll see you again in a few weeks. She loves her Nanny!

anxiousknitter said...

LOL!! What a sweetie!