Jun 14, 2011

Big Girl Room!

I should really be weeding the garden... and finishing stacking the wood...I really want to bless my husband with that suprise when he arrives home today...and I will. But FIRST I must post this!
We moved Ella into a new room (because it is brighter and has two windows for lovely airflow in the summers) and got her a big girl bed!

Some bedding and curtains from a friend inspired the color scheme.

And I finally got to paint the tree that's been lingering in my head for over a year. It came out EXACTLY as I had pictured it! VOILA! I am EXTATIC about the way it came out!



I painted the same little creatures that we see frequent our yard everyday. How she loves her little woodland animals. "Bunnies, biwdies and chickmunks." All I'm missing are our friendly deer. Perhaps I shall paint one of those too some day. I absolutely adore fulfilling my passion for art and creativity while completely something practical and something that is a blessing to my beautiful daughter!


Kevin and Amy said...

Precious. Absolutely beautiful, Sarah!

anxiousknitter said...

It's a beautiful room for a beautiful girl! You did a wonderful job! Did you freehand the tree? Wow!

Sarah said...

I did freehand the tree. This is my trick of the trade:
I sketch it on the wall with Ella's sidewalk chalk. So easy to wipe off with a wet wash clothwater and re-work the image as you sketch!

Anonymous said...

Totally sweet! I love it! And I'm a tad bit jealous of your creativity... but seriously, it looks great. If I ever get KJ into a big girl room, I may have to hire you!!!

Diane said...

Beautiful, Sarah!

Christie said...

What a beautiful job! Can you come help with my house! :)

Shell said...

Awesome job!! What a great idea, first using sidewalk chalk!! I'm going to try it, thanks!!
Shell Mulder
Travis's wife