Feb 13, 2011

Smarty Pants

I've come to a conclusion. Our child is too dang smart for her own good and boy oh boy are we in trouble in the future unless we can learn to harness this intelligence for good :).
Here are just a few recent examples of how our little one keeps us on our toes and keeps us entertained!

As our little family walked through Home Depot this afternoon (more on why we were there in another post- it's a good one) Jason wanted to chat about fishing without one little Ella catching on and pestering us all the days until we take her so he said, "I was thinking that if we go to the P-O-N-D to go F-I..."
Just then Ella's eyes light up and she busts in with all gusto and says, "I GO TO POND GO FISHIN'!!!!".
Both of our jaws just dropped as we turned to stare at one another and busted out laughing!
Yesterday Ella and I were playing catch with her ball. She wouldn't throw it to me so I stuck my bottom lip out and fake cried. She got a kick out of it, giggling and saying, "Momma a baby! Momma cryin' like a baby!" Then she threw the ball to me.
Later we were in her room and she had the ball again. I asked, "Will you throw the ball to me?"
She said, "No," and quickly before I could respond she very matter-o-factly held her arm straight out, hand up palm towards me and said, "Just. Momma no cry. 'Cause Momma's not a baby. Momma's a people."


Cheryl said...

She is so smart! And hilarious! I love to hear these stories. :-)

Cheryl said...

Now I'm waiting for the potty story. :-)