Feb 11, 2011


If gross things gross you out, do not look at the picture in the middle of this post!

I was supposed to be at my momma's house helping her pack. But plans changed last minute. Our puppy (or 10year old Golden Retriever, however you want to see it) had to have surgery on his eye. It turned out to be more invasive than planned (yes that also translates to more expensive - joy) and now he can't be home alone all of Jason's 13 hour days and he can't do long car ride either. So home I am...tending to our wounded little love.

What was originally thought to be an indolant ulcer (wound on eye that won't heal) that needed a simple keratotomy (play tic tac toe on dogs eye with a needle), ended up being a distichia (eyelash growing on inside of eyelid inwards toward eye...causing wound on eye that won't heal because it's constantly being scraped by said rogue eyelash) that needed ablation (zap that rogue eyelash out!).

And all that means that my dog ends up looking like this (POOR THING) for two weeks:
Yes, he still has a right eye.
It just looks like he doesn't because his third eyelid has been pulled up over his eye and stitched to the upper eylid in order for everything to heal properly.
Oh poor thing! He's eternally clumsy, unable to figure out how to manuver with this aweful cone contraption. He's forever running into things, and getting stuck on things. But probably the biggest tragedy of all is that he can't chase his beloved tennis ball because he goes full bore and slams his cone into the ground or snowbank every time he's in hot pursuit of that little yellow bouncer!


Angie Cousins said...

Oh this just breaks my heart- poor Hunter!

Cheryl said...

Oh, poor Hunter! He really looks pitiful. :-(

anxiousknitter said...

Oh, poor Hunter! He looks so sad! Of course having had dogs my whole life I understand what he's going through and I had to chuckle, too :) I'm very happy it wasn't more serious!

MaineGal said...

I had never heard of this before, and my poor sister had this last year. Took over a week for the eye doc to find it.