Feb 2, 2013

Video Proof! Ella Skis!!

If you've read any of my facebook posts, you've read of my excitement about how much Ella loves skiing and how well she's doing.  I'm always alone with her, so no video.  Then Auntie Erin and Jamie took video but the file was too big it wouldn't load.  Well, I finally have video proof!  I'm not a liar!

This weekend Ella and I headed north for a little mommy/daughter ski weekend.  We're staying with Auntie Jen and we skied at Hermon Mountain... my old stomping grounds.    It's where I learned to ski in second grade, where I spent many a night and weekend, where I later taught skiing and then finally raced throughout high school.  It's simply the perfect place to learn to ski, to go with the family, to get outside and hang out with friends on the nights and weekends.  If you're in the area and you've not checked it out... you're missing out!  (They have tubing too!)

Today was simply a perfect day!  No lines, no wind, sun shining, family bonding and Ella rippin' it up :)  Many thanks to the Whitcombs (Hermon Mountains most wonderful owners/operators) for their generosity today!!  :)  You know what I'm talking about!

Getting ready to hit the slopes with Auntie Jen!

Mommy daughter time rocks!!!  And LOOK we DID get on the coveted ONE pink chairlift!

Riding the chairlift with Auntie Jen.  Ella LOVED the chairlift... quite the upgrade from the rope tow (and MUCH nicer on mommy's back!).  Also, she's my dare devil so she loved how high we went!

Top o' the mountain to ya!
 And for those of you that have ANY idea about Hermon Mountain...  This was Ella's FOURTH time on skis.  She turned four years old less than two months ago.  I could not be more thrilled with how quickly she's picked up skiing and taken to it!  She skied slowpoke, lazy lane, long-view  lake-view AND scenic!  She's a speed demon, and scares mommy with how fast she likes to go... but then again, she probably takes after her mommy.  Most importantly, she LOVES it and is having SO much fun.  She didn't want even want to take a break and didn't want to go home!  Here's a video of her following Auntie Jen down Lazy Lane!  This is the slowest she went all day :)

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Cheryl said...

Wow! Fantastic!! I love the happy smiles, the pink chair lift, and the video. I'm so glad Ella likes skiing. And the Whitcombs are the greatest! I'm very thankful that you had them and Hermon Mountain to grow up on. :-) So glad the three (FOUR) of you got to ski together, too.