Feb 4, 2013

All the video of Ella's skiing!

We took a lot of video of Ella skiing this past weekend.  So here it is, mainly for all me friends and family!  Please ignore my "awesome" commentary.  I simply wasn't cut out to be a sportscaster!  AND, after watching the videos I realized that you can't really tell how steep the pitches are and how fast she's going, because most of the video is shot from behind her, moving at the same speed as her...  but lets just say, she's skiing pitches I'd never dreamed she'd be doing the fourth time out at 4 years old... and her speed is enough to scare this momma, who is a speed demon herself on skis!  Enjoy!  


Cheryl said...

Woo! A couple of times there I was thinking, "Watch out for the trees, babe!" But she is doing a great job. I wonder if she is going to have sore leg/thigh muscles this week from all that snowplowing and almost doing the splits a time or two?

Life With My Boys..... said...

Whooo-hooo! Un-be-freakin'-lievable!!! That is SO awesome, Sarah! Oh my word. How cool, is that? Something you love. Something you taught her. And something the two of you can share for LIFE!!! Awesome.