Oct 3, 2012

Baby Jack Update

* I updated my last post with some more specific and accurate details once I got them from Jason.

Jack's parents, Josh and Katie, have created a CaringBridge site for him.  Now you can get updates first hand and know how to pray for him more specifically. 

HERE is the link.

If the link doesn't work, go to www.caringbridge.org and their site name is jacklewis1.

They also ask  that as you pray for them and for Jack, that you would remember all the families and babies in the NICU.  There are so many babies and families there, facing challenges just as big if not bigger!

If you don't want to click over, I'll recap for you here:
Yesterday they were able to get him off "pressers"...I'm assuming this is some med.  And he had not had a seizure in 24 hours.  So those are the good things!

Today they are going to give him lots of meds to try to get his body to release all the fluid it's holding.  They are going to give him lots of nutrition by IV and try to work toward getting his arterial line out because the arm it is in is turning purple.

They are not out of the woods with the sepsis.  They do not know how well his organs will be functioning after the infection clears.  He suffered extended seizures and his organs were in shock for days.  They do not know how much oxygenated blood made it to his organs and brain.

Please Pray:
That the fluid in his body would be able to be released.
That they can work toward getting him off some of the meds and relying less on the ventilator.
That his body would fight off the sepsis (massive infection)
That his organs and brain would be functioning fully.
For a complete recovery.

Again, if you or your spouse work at the shipyard please consider donating leave to Josh Lewis.  Any hours will help!

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Cheryl said...

Thanks for the update, Sarah. I read their Caring Bridge site, too. Don't forget to mention supporting Ronald McDonald House and giving blood. Ever since your CCC friends who had their baby in Colorado talked about how great the McDonald House was for them, I make a point to throw in my extra change whenever I get something to eat at McD's. Now I need to find where to give blood.