Dec 22, 2011

What A Difference A Year Makes!

This morning Ella went from dead sleep to wide awake yelling, "MOM! I CAN SWIM ALL BY MYSELF JUST LIKE EMMA!!!" She then proceeded to run downstairs to our room and show me by hurling herself headlong onto my bed and kicking and paddling with all her might. She insisted that I had a video on my iPhone of her swimming with Emma and then going to sleep. I tried to explains dreams to no avail. The child is still searching for the video as I write.

Good thing it's time to sign up for our 3 months at the Y and take our winter swim class! We downed some breakfast, dug out our suits and hit the road for some free swim. This girl was OVER the MOON excited! And in the pool she swam (with her bubble), twirled, did blast offs and blew bubbles ALL BY HERSELF. There was much laughter and giggles and NO uncontrollable screaming. Oh what a difference a year makes! You can read about what I mean in this post entitled Voluntary Torture if you missed this joy of a post last year.

I also purchased her a swimming floatie belt thing where you can remove one foam peice at time as she gets better and better until she needs no help at all. And somewhere between the Y and home my daughter has combined the two terms bubble and floatie and now calls her colorful swim aid a "boobie". This term elicited such raucus laughter from me when it first came out of her mouth that I fear I shall never convince her to call it anything else.
Well, we're all signed up and ready to rock the Parent and Pike class in the new year...boobie and all!

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Cheryl said...

Wahoo! What wonderful news! I'm so glad she dreamed she could swim and is now excited about it. And I love her new floatie word. :-) Miss you!