Sep 29, 2008

Pumpkin Belly and other Baby tidbits

The people at my work love to get into every holiday and have a good time. This time they decided to use me to help them get their jollies. My supervisor came out and told me to close my eyes and then taped this pumpkin face on my belly. So fun! I wore it all day.

Oh and lately my favorite thing to do is to really freak people out. It involves poor unsuspecting strangers and it goes like this. The other day I was out shopping for our two new chairs and the attached at my hip salesman made a friendly comment about me obviously expecting. To which I got a really offended look on my face and go, “Excuse me?” and then I watch his reaction with amusement for a short bit. His face dropped, his eyes got big, he didn’t know what to say and he started to stammer and try to back track and then I cracked a smile and said, “Just kidding, yeah this is our first.” HA! Love it.

Also, here’s a picture of the crib that I put together ALL by myself. I’m very proud of that. AND I just came from my midwife and she did another sonogram and we found out it is DEFINITELY a girl! AND I only gained one pound in the last 4weeks which I'm very excited about! So much to do! So little time left people, so little!


Cheryl said...

Oh good. Now I don't have to keep saving receipts for all the pink things I've been buying!

That pumpkin belly is so cute!

Angie Cousins said...

So good to hear/read some updates! And how exciting...a baby girl!!!
We would love to have you over for dinner to celebrate- how about I give you a call this week to make plans!

Karen said...

Sarah, A precious baby girl, another little girl cousin! How exciting. (Though Drew was hoping for a boy.) He's getting out numbered. Sarah you are so cute!!!!! Wish we could see you in person. I love the pumpkin.
Your crib is great. I forget to look at your blog so will have to sit down and get caught up!! Love to you three. Aunt Karen

Sarah Turner said...

Sarah! Just had to tell you that you look absolutely beautiful pregnant! Yay for a baby girl! Miss you guys lots but glad to hear that you have a roof over your head...even though that may literally be it! :)