Nov 1, 2011

Life Lesson: Always check your church bulletin before chucking it.

The great thing about following Dave Ramsey's plan is that we're getting out of debt. The great thing about setting a budget, taking cash out each paycheck and ONLY paying in cash is that you really CAN'T go over budget!

The bad things about only paying in cash is that if you accidently happen to throw your "gas money"envelope containing $110 into the're pretty much out of luck.

Yes, this may sound like a classic Jason move...but I have to was me. I've learned some valuable lessons here. ALWAYS check inside your church bulletin before chucking it. AND always recycle, because if you throw the church bulletin (also containing the gas money enevelope because the envelope was in my purse and my church bulletin was in my purse and apparantly the two got tangled together whilst jostling about in my purse) into the trash with nasty chicken trimmings in it and then your hubby takes the trash end up rummaging through really cold, really rancid trash to find your money.


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Cheryl said...

Oh thank goodness you found it!!! That was a hard lesson, huh?